September 13, 2006

Blughhh…blurrghhhh…rugghhhhh…bughhh…lughhhh!  Mughhh…urghhhh, blughhhh rughhh…murghhh…blurgghh.  Murghh…blughhh…blurghhh, rughhh, flurghhh murrrgghh…blurg.


10 Responses to “Brughhh…Mughhhh…Murghhh”

  1. clichedgeek said

    Bra!nz, Brahnz
    Bra!nz, Brahnz
    Bra!nz, Brahnz
    Bra!nz, Brahnz
    Harman Hambargarz, Harmanbargarz

  2. Shaymus22 said

    Murghhh blughh raughhhh? Mughh blurghhh guhhhh flurbbb blurgg slurghhh…flurghh rugh

  3. clichedgeek said

    Bahrang Azzgraahn

  4. betote said

    bluarg blarg blurrr ryaaaaaugh

  5. rykon said

    brainsssss blughhs mughibs brainssssss

  6. Voltan said

    Voltan may have a job for you zombies. With your help Voltan shall become lord and ruler of all. In return you shall have all the juicy brains you require. Voltan shall tell you more in due course.

  7. Shaymus22 said

    burghhhh? murghh blurp.

  8. Voltan said

    Voltan can now disclose the nature of the work alluded to earlier: Voltan intends to create an army of zombie legislators with which to subvert the governments of the world. Once Voltan has seized power there shall be many fresh brains for you zombies.

  9. Shaymus22 said

    braughh? mlluurrghh bluuurghh hurk

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